The Real Reason Netflix Won't Offer Offline Downloads


Offline downloads are perhaps the most often requested, “holy grail” feature of TV and movie streaming services, and while Netflix may be the leading provider, it’s Amazon and its Prime Instant Video service that’s become the first to offer it. Netflix however remains firm in its stance that it’s not going to offer… »9/07/15 4:00pm9/07/15 4:00pm


This Bedtime Book Uses Psychology Tricks To Make Kids Fall Asleep Fast

There’s a new weapon in the war on bedtime that might finally give parents the definitive advantage over their kids. The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is a new children’s book written using specific psychological techniques that help kids relax and quickly doze off. »8/19/15 10:00pm8/19/15 10:00pm

You Get to Choose the Next Star Wars Black Series Figure

For many years, Hasbro has polled its Star Wars fanbase to create special “Fan Choice” figures—usually for characters who wouldn’t be considered for figures. For the first time this year they’re bringing the concept to their 6-inch Black Series line, and voting is now open for you to decide who gets immortalised in… »7/04/15 1:30am7/04/15 1:30am

There's a Meaning to the Horrible Noise the Emergency Alert System Makes

Anyone who’s listened to television or radio over the past five decades is intimately familiar with that horrible, chill-inducing noise of the Emergency Alert System. Aside from catching your attention, that nails-on-a-chalkboard screeching serves a useful purpose that calls back to the days of dial-up internet. »5/19/15 11:00pm5/19/15 11:00pm

An Obscure African Plant Tells Miners Where to Look for Diamonds 

Diamonds you’re familiar with. Pandanus candelabrum, not so much. And until recently, botanists didn’t pay much attention to this rare, palm-like plant from West Africa either. But the discovery that P. candelabrum grows only over rock that may harbor diamonds has vaulted the plant out of obscurity.
»5/05/15 11:30pm5/05/15 11:30pm

Short film: R2-D2 adorably falls in love with a blue mailbox

Say it with me: awwwww. In a story that's a little like the first hour of Wall-E, this short film, Artoo In Love by Evan Atherton, tells a cute love story of R2-D2 and a blue mailbox. R2 starts holding picnics with it, zaps away people who want to mail things and holds an umbrella over its head when it rains. »4/01/15 3:13am4/01/15 3:13am

The Seven Wonders Of The Universe that were cut from Doctor Who

It's been up on Jamie Mathieson's blog for a month now, but I thought I'd share it anyways. In early drafts for Mummy on the Orient Express, the opulent space train was supposed to be making a round trip of the Seven Wonders of the Universe*, stopping off at various scenic locations while the passengers and crew… »3/31/15 3:44am3/31/15 3:44am

I Had a Mexican Star Trek-Themed Wedding and It Was the Best Thing Ever

Until the internet became a thing we all know and love, themed weddings were kind of a rarity in the eyes of most people. Ten years ago, pictures from the occasional underground Star Wars wedding might have found their way on to eBaum's World or a clip show to be mocked. But these days, nary a July goes by without… »9/02/14 3:07am9/02/14 3:07am

A Self-Repairing Space Robot on the International Space Station

After an eight-hour dance in microgravity, Dextre and the Canadarm became the first self-repairing robotic system in space, replacing a faulty camera without leaving orbit or relying on pesky astronauts. »5/24/14 2:41am5/24/14 2:41am